Advice For A New Disability Claim

If you have filed a disability claim recently or are considering filing a claim soon, you might have read or been told that seeking out disability claim assistance is probably a good move to increase the possibility of your claim being paid.  It seems illogical at first to pay part of the benefits that you receive to someone who helped you get those benefits.  Does that not mean that you earn less money in the long run?  While there is a very very small possibility that you could get your disability claim through the confusing, complex, and frustrating claims process on your own and receive full payment from the insurance company at the end of the process in a timely manner, it is much more likely that the insurance company will find some trivial yet justifiable reason to deny your claim, or give you your benefits, but not for a very long time.  Due to this fact, while paying for disability claim assistance may make it seems as if your costs are higher than your rewards, it is really true that paying a small cost for assistance will lead to greater and more accessible rewards.disability income claim

Claim assistance can be sought out in a number of different ways.  Depending on what stage of the claims process you are in, the type of claim you are filing, and a number of other factors, you may need different kinds of help.  You might simply need help filling out your claims forms, or you may not understand what the insurance company is asking for as far as evidence in support of your claim goes.  Whatever the need may be, the small, upfront cost of hiring disability claim assistance will seem like nothing when your disability claim is paid very quickly by the insurance company.

Finding Experienced Disability Claim Help

If you do not have any experience in the field of disability insurance, it is likely that many terms used in the field are foreign to you.  Especially if you are filing, or you are helping someone file a disability income claim, it is of the utmost importance to understand the language and terminology surrounding your claim.  One of the most commonly confused terms used in the field is the difference between a disability claim and a long term disability claim.  Usually when someone says disability claim, they are referring to a short term disability claim.  This is a claim that you file for a minor disability that will only take you out of work for a short amount of time – child birth, for example.  A long term disability claim, on the other hand, is only filed if you have a disability that is going to take you out of work for a long period of time and is generally noted that it is long term. disability income claim

Due to the length of the time that the insurance company will have to pay benefits, a long term disability claim is generally a little bit more complex than a short term disability claim.  It costs less for the insurance company to pay benefits on a long term claim than a short term claim, so they would rather pay a “normal” disability claim rather than a long term disability claim.  That being said, if you have a disability that is going to impair your ability to work for a long period of time, do not hesitate to file a disability claim.  That is, after all, what the purpose of having another type of disability claim is.  This is arguably the most common mistake that newcomers to the disability insurance field make, so be sure to know the difference between a long term disability claim and a short term disability claim.

What is Disability Claim Consulting?

If you are looking for disability claim assistance, it is almost guaranteed that you have come across an organization or group of experts called disability claim consultants.  If not, you most likely will at some point in your search.  Who are these consultants, and why are they able to help you with your claim more efficiently than others?  In most cases, these claim consultants will have worked in the disability insurance field for a long period of time.  This experience is priceless, and that will definitely become obvious as you work through the claims process.  Claim consultants only job is to help you through the claims process.  Unlike other people who are likely to offer you help, consultants have no affiliation with any insurance company, and are not biased towards any specific type of claimants.  There is nothing holding disability claim consultants back from doing the best job that they can with you and your insurance claim.disability income claim

Disability claim assistance can prove to be the difference in having your claim paid or not paid.  With that being known, some insurance companies can push your claim in the wrong direction, allowing themselves an easy out in denying your claim.  Disability claim consultants will do exactly the opposite, forcing the insurance company to pay your legitimate claim.  Instead of giving the insurance company all of the power by allowing them to “help” with your claim, trust your personal information with a group of experts that have your best interests before the insurance company’s.  While it may seem unbelievable, insurance companies do have so-called experts that are on the payroll of the company that will tell you they can help.  Due to this obvious conflict of interest, it is hard for them to provide genuine disability claim assistance.  They need to make the insurance company happy by making it easier for them to deny some insurance claims, and that claim could be yours if you are not careful.