Applying For LTD Benefits

If you have applied for benefits on your private disability income claim and you have not received them, then you are one of the many individuals who have had promises broken that were made by the insurance companies to get your premiums.  These companies practice aggressive claim denial tactics and try to pay as few benefit claims as possible, so do not feel like you are wrong or that you do not deserve the disability insurance just because they denied your stroke disability claim.  Fear and intimidation are what they rely on to keep legitimate claimants from appealing and trying to obtain the benefits that are rightfully theirs. This is especially true when it comes to a long term disability claim, as the insurance company will be liable for a long period of time.  Due to this, insurance companies will do all that they can to ensure the denial of your long term claim.  While it may cost the insurance company some money up front, it is better for their bottom line to pay money now rather than pay money for a number of years on your long term disability.

If you need help, call a disability claims advocate who can review your specific case file and decide the necessary course of action needed to help get your claim approved and paid quickly.  These experts have years of experience inside the insurance industry and know how to avoid the red flags that are raised when claims come into the claims examination department.  The consultant that you hire will be able to provide disability claim help that would otherwise be almost impossible to obtain.  Not only will they be able to help with the literal filing of the claim, but also with the entire process that filing a long term disability claim comes with.  Knowing what the insurance company is looking for to deny your claim, disability claims consultants know how to make sure that you avoid those things and make it almost impossible for the insurance company to deny the claim.

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