Filing a Disability Claim

If you are new to the world of disability insurance and filing a disability income claim, you may be wondering if you are required to have someone represent you in order to receive disability benefits from your insurance company.  You do not have to have someone help, but it is most definitely helpful to consult some sort of disability claim assistance throughout the claims process.  Filing your disability insurance claim and dealing with the insurance company on your own is possible, but especially if you have never dealt with disability insurance company, is not recommended. Having disability claim assistance help you through the claims process and represent you for the insurance company is helpful in that you are able to find out what is going on with your claim and how to deal with the insurance company before actually having to do it.  You would find out eventually, but it would most likely be the “hard way” after the insurance company had denied your disability insurance claim. disability claim assistance

You could allow the insurance company to dictate the entire claims process, and let them tell you what doctors to see, what information to send, and exactly how to deal with the claims process.  That being said, finding someone to give you disability claim assistance would be much more pleasant and beneficial for your disability insurance claim.  Instead of having the insurance company dictate the process, you could help guide your claim down the path which you wanted it to travel down.  This way, the claims process for your disability insurance claim is not as variable and can be much easier to deal with.  All in all, it is not required for you to have disability claim assistance before filing a disability insurance claim for benefits from your insurance company. That being said, it is most definitely beneficial and recommended that you find at least some sort of disability claim assistance to help you throughout the process.

Help With Filing a Disability Claim

Maybe you have heard that it could be beneficial to you to find someone to give you disability claim assistance for your disability claim, but you are worried that the cost will not be worth your while.  Instead of heeding that advice, you file your disability claim on your own, and it seems to be going well.  You filled out the claims forms and sent in all of the information that the insurance company requested.  After seeing a few doctors and sending in some more information, the insurance company has finally made a decision on your insurance claim!  You open the letter that they sent to you and it is not good news – the insurance company has denied your disability claim.  Now, you will not receive any benefits from your insurance company to replace from the income you lost due to your disability.  This is exactly why getting disability claim assistance is so imperative to deal with the claims process.  The insurance company will make it seem like everything is going well with your claim simply to deny you in the end for a reason that, while not obvious to you, would have been obvious to an expert in the field. filing a disability claim

To someone not familiar with the intricate levels of the claims process in an insurance company, it may seem that the company is sometimes denying random claims, for no reason at all.  While the company might be denying an excessive number of claims, there is likely a minute error somewhere in your paperwork for your claim.  Someone who can provide you with disability claim assistance will be able to earn you benefits by fixing these minor inconsistencies in your claim, at a fair price.  While it is more expensive than paying nothing, it is also better than receiving zero benefits from the insurance company, which is likely to happen if you file a disability claim on your own.