Filing a Disability Claim

A disability claims consultant is an expert in the field of disability insurance who fights for your rights and benefits that you deserve from your insurance company.  Before you even file a disability claim, you sign a contract with an insurance company essentially promising that if you need income assistance due to a disability, the insurance company will be there to provide the necessary benefits.  The problem with today’s disability insurance landscape, however, is that insurance companies go well beyond the bounds of the contract that you signed.  When you file a disability claim today, insurance companies will attempt to force you to see their doctors, will request information that is not necessary for the processing of your claim, and, in some extreme cases, will even partake in audio and video surveillance during your claims process.  It seems obvious that you would want to know exactly what your rights are, and how to stop the insurance company from violating these rights and the contract that you signed.  The answer is simple – hire a disability claims consultant to help you in filing a disability claim.

As noted above, a disability claim consultant should have applicable experience in the disability insurance field.  Oftentimes, these consultants have worked for the same insurance companies that they are now dealing with from the “other side”.  Due to this experience, a consultant will be able to tell you precisely what rights you have versus what the insurance company has a right to do as part of the claims process.  Instead of blindly doing what the insurance company requests without even knowing if it is legal, rest assured knowing that you have the appropriate knowledge and information to navigate the disability claim process in a way that greatly increases the likelihood that you receive the benefits that you deserve.