The Disability Claims Process

If you are new to the disability insurance world and need to file a disability claim, you need to make sure you have someone helping you along the way.  There is an immense amount of information that you need to know before going into the claims process for your claim, and there will be numerous times throughout the process where you will need someone to explain to you what is happening with your claim.  The major disability insurance companies have made the process to earn benefits much harder than it used to be in the hopes that many claimants like you would not end up filing a claim because they were too confused or frustrated.  Instead of allowing the insurance company to pressure you into dropping your disability claim for benefits on your private, individual disability insurance plan, find someone to provide reliable disability claim assistance so that you are able to navigate the claims process all the way through. 

To someone not familiar with the process, it may seem like the entire process takes a lifetime.  The time that it takes for a disability claim to be processed and paid by an insurance company has become outrageous and unfair to claimants who need benefits.  If you are able to find legitimate disability claim assistance, you should be able to find someone who can help you mold your claim in such a way that it will breeze through the claims processing department of your insurance company.  Another thing that you will most likely have questions about during the process is what your rights are.  Do you have to go to a specific doctor that the insurance company wants you to?  This and many other tricky questions about the entire disability claim process will be able to be easily answered by an expert in the field.

The DI Claims Process

The filing process for a disability claim has become much more complex and more confusing than it was just a short period of time ago.  Not long ago, the process was not as demanding on the claimant as it is today.  In today’s modern-day disability insurance landscape, it is much harder than it used to be – and much more stressful.  To relieve some of this stress and to allow you to get along to daily life living with a disability, it is vital that you seek out and employ accurate disability claim help.  Before, it was very common for a claimant to file a disability insurance claim by him or herself and, with a legitimate disability insurance claim, would receive the benefits that were warranted by the disability and the inherent loss of income.  Sadly, without finding proper disability claim help today, it is very highly unlikely that you would find the benefits that you deserved in a timely manner at all if you were to file a disability insurance claim by yourself.

Over recent years, a few disability insurance companies have grown to massive sizes, almost monopolizing the market between a select handful of companies.  Because of all of the mergers among disability insurance companies, the money, customers, and assets are all concentrated among those few companies.  When you file a disability insurance claim, the insurance company can devote much more to your individual claim than they were previously able to due to the size of the company and the amount of so called experts on their payroll.  This keeps on getting truer and truer in today’s marketplace. The companies in this industry keep growing larger as the competition keeps getting smaller. Make sure that you have disability claim help on your side so that the insurance company can not take advantage of you and your obvious lack of knowledge in disability insurance by denying your claim when you really deserve benefits.

Translating the Wants of the Insurance Companies

If you need help in comprehending or translating what an insurance company wants or needs from you after filing a claim, know that you are in the same position as many other claimants.  Insurance companies purposefully make the claims process confusing to see if they can get you to drop your claim altogether instead of pursuing the benefits that you deserve.  Finding disability claim assistance in today’s disability insurance climate, however, can sometimes be just as hard as filing the claim itself.  With so many people and organizations promising that they can help you receive benefits, how do you know where to turn for legitimate help?  The person that you need to help you is what is known as a disability claims consultant.  With applicable experience in the disability insurance field, it is easy for the consultant to understand what the insurance company is looking for and what needs to be sent in to get you benefits in a timely manner.

A disability claims consultant likely used to work for the same insurance companies that he or she is now effectively working against.  The consultant understands how sleazy the insurance world has become, and wants to help individuals that really need benefits receive them.  The consultant has likely become fed up with claimants who desperately need benefits being denied simply because the insurance company is looking to protect its bottom line.  In reality, insurance companies would prefer you to take on your back pain disability claim on your own, without receiving disability claim assistance.  That way, it is easy to find minor inconsistencies in your claim and deny the claim without having to spend any money.  A claims consultant knows exactly what the insurance company is looking for, so he or she can tweak your claim to ensure a timely trip through the process and give you the benefits that you desperately need.

Filing a Disability Claim

A disability claims consultant is an expert in the field of disability insurance who fights for your rights and benefits that you deserve from your insurance company.  Before you even file a disability claim, you sign a contract with an insurance company essentially promising that if you need income assistance due to a disability, the insurance company will be there to provide the necessary benefits.  The problem with today’s disability insurance landscape, however, is that insurance companies go well beyond the bounds of the contract that you signed.  When you file a disability claim today, insurance companies will attempt to force you to see their doctors, will request information that is not necessary for the processing of your claim, and, in some extreme cases, will even partake in audio and video surveillance during your claims process.  It seems obvious that you would want to know exactly what your rights are, and how to stop the insurance company from violating these rights and the contract that you signed.  The answer is simple – hire a disability claims consultant to help you in filing a disability claim.

As noted above, a disability claim consultant should have applicable experience in the disability insurance field.  Oftentimes, these consultants have worked for the same insurance companies that they are now dealing with from the “other side”.  Due to this experience, a consultant will be able to tell you precisely what rights you have versus what the insurance company has a right to do as part of the claims process.  Instead of blindly doing what the insurance company requests without even knowing if it is legal, rest assured knowing that you have the appropriate knowledge and information to navigate the disability claim process in a way that greatly increases the likelihood that you receive the benefits that you deserve.

Applying For LTD Benefits

If you have applied for benefits on your private disability income claim and you have not received them, then you are one of the many individuals who have had promises broken that were made by the insurance companies to get your premiums.  These companies practice aggressive claim denial tactics and try to pay as few benefit claims as possible, so do not feel like you are wrong or that you do not deserve the disability insurance just because they denied your stroke disability claim.  Fear and intimidation are what they rely on to keep legitimate claimants from appealing and trying to obtain the benefits that are rightfully theirs. This is especially true when it comes to a long term disability claim, as the insurance company will be liable for a long period of time.  Due to this, insurance companies will do all that they can to ensure the denial of your long term claim.  While it may cost the insurance company some money up front, it is better for their bottom line to pay money now rather than pay money for a number of years on your long term disability.

If you need help, call a disability claims advocate who can review your specific case file and decide the necessary course of action needed to help get your claim approved and paid quickly.  These experts have years of experience inside the insurance industry and know how to avoid the red flags that are raised when claims come into the claims examination department.  The consultant that you hire will be able to provide disability claim help that would otherwise be almost impossible to obtain.  Not only will they be able to help with the literal filing of the claim, but also with the entire process that filing a long term disability claim comes with.  Knowing what the insurance company is looking for to deny your claim, disability claims consultants know how to make sure that you avoid those things and make it almost impossible for the insurance company to deny the claim.

Your Disability Income Claim

Filing a disability income claim for benefits on your private, individual disability insurance plan can be a pivotal moment in your life.  Regardless of what the disability is, or why you are filing, the decision that the insurance company makes about your insurance claim will impact your life for a long time to come.  If you have your claim denied, the decision will obviously have a negative impact as you will be forced to go without income for some length of time.  On the other hand, if the insurance company decided to pay your disability claim, it can mean that you are able to maintain your family’s financial stability, pointing towards a financially secure future.  With a decision that impactful resting in the hands of the claims processing department of the insurance company, would it not be logical for you to do everything in your power to make sure your claim has a good chance of being paid?  The best way to go about this is to find reliable disability claim solutions to help you through the claims process.

One of the most important factors that an insurance company considers when looking at your disability claim is consistency – whether you have anything on file that could contradict your claim that you are too disabled to work at the same level that you did prior to the disability.  If you find an expert that knows what he or she is doing, it will be easy to ensure that every single piece of information that the insurance company has with regard to your claim points towards the fact that you need disability benefits.  On top of that, disability claim assistance will allow you to relax and focus on making sure you have everything in order.  If you file by yourself, you will become stressed and more likely to make a critical mistake somewhere in the claims process.  Do not take that risk with such an important process – do not allow the insurance company to deny you the benefits that you need.

Disability Income Claim Assistance

If you have your disability income claim denied, it is imperative that you seek the correct disability claim assistance to make sure that you fight the insurance company to receive the benefits on your disability plan that you deserve after paying the insurance company’s premiums.  Having your disability claim denied is bad enough by itself, but it would be worse to do nothing about it and never earn the benefits that you and your family desperately need to function as you were before the disability impaired your ability to work.  Disability claim assistance is very accessible, but be wary to take the advice of the so called experts that the insurance company has working on your claim.  While they may be experienced in the field, the insurance company essentially hired them to find subtle yet justifiable ways to deny your claim. disability claim

After finding the proper disability claim assistance, it makes it much easier to navigate the claims process for the second time.  Insurance companies do not like to be proven wrong, so by appealing the decision that the insurance company made to have your disability claim denied, the company takes it as an insult.  Therefore, the insurance company will try that much harder to make sure that you have your disability claim denied yet again.  This is just another reasons why finding the appropriate disability claim assistance is so crucial to the success of your claim.  Instead of allowing the insurance company to dictate the path that your claim will travel, make sure you can help the insurance company so that you are able to know what is happening with your claim.  With apt disability claim assistance, it is much more likely that your appeal of having a disability claim denied will be successful, thus allowing you to live life as normally as possible with your disability.

Advice For A New Disability Claim

If you have filed a disability claim recently or are considering filing a claim soon, you might have read or been told that seeking out disability claim assistance is probably a good move to increase the possibility of your claim being paid.  It seems illogical at first to pay part of the benefits that you receive to someone who helped you get those benefits.  Does that not mean that you earn less money in the long run?  While there is a very very small possibility that you could get your disability claim through the confusing, complex, and frustrating claims process on your own and receive full payment from the insurance company at the end of the process in a timely manner, it is much more likely that the insurance company will find some trivial yet justifiable reason to deny your claim, or give you your benefits, but not for a very long time.  Due to this fact, while paying for disability claim assistance may make it seems as if your costs are higher than your rewards, it is really true that paying a small cost for assistance will lead to greater and more accessible rewards.disability income claim

Claim assistance can be sought out in a number of different ways.  Depending on what stage of the claims process you are in, the type of claim you are filing, and a number of other factors, you may need different kinds of help.  You might simply need help filling out your claims forms, or you may not understand what the insurance company is asking for as far as evidence in support of your claim goes.  Whatever the need may be, the small, upfront cost of hiring disability claim assistance will seem like nothing when your disability claim is paid very quickly by the insurance company.

Finding Experienced Disability Claim Help

If you do not have any experience in the field of disability insurance, it is likely that many terms used in the field are foreign to you.  Especially if you are filing, or you are helping someone file a disability income claim, it is of the utmost importance to understand the language and terminology surrounding your claim.  One of the most commonly confused terms used in the field is the difference between a disability claim and a long term disability claim.  Usually when someone says disability claim, they are referring to a short term disability claim.  This is a claim that you file for a minor disability that will only take you out of work for a short amount of time – child birth, for example.  A long term disability claim, on the other hand, is only filed if you have a disability that is going to take you out of work for a long period of time and is generally noted that it is long term. disability income claim

Due to the length of the time that the insurance company will have to pay benefits, a long term disability claim is generally a little bit more complex than a short term disability claim.  It costs less for the insurance company to pay benefits on a long term claim than a short term claim, so they would rather pay a “normal” disability claim rather than a long term disability claim.  That being said, if you have a disability that is going to impair your ability to work for a long period of time, do not hesitate to file a disability claim.  That is, after all, what the purpose of having another type of disability claim is.  This is arguably the most common mistake that newcomers to the disability insurance field make, so be sure to know the difference between a long term disability claim and a short term disability claim.

What is Disability Claim Consulting?

If you are looking for disability claim assistance, it is almost guaranteed that you have come across an organization or group of experts called disability claim consultants.  If not, you most likely will at some point in your search.  Who are these consultants, and why are they able to help you with your claim more efficiently than others?  In most cases, these claim consultants will have worked in the disability insurance field for a long period of time.  This experience is priceless, and that will definitely become obvious as you work through the claims process.  Claim consultants only job is to help you through the claims process.  Unlike other people who are likely to offer you help, consultants have no affiliation with any insurance company, and are not biased towards any specific type of claimants.  There is nothing holding disability claim consultants back from doing the best job that they can with you and your insurance claim.disability income claim

Disability claim assistance can prove to be the difference in having your claim paid or not paid.  With that being known, some insurance companies can push your claim in the wrong direction, allowing themselves an easy out in denying your claim.  Disability claim consultants will do exactly the opposite, forcing the insurance company to pay your legitimate claim.  Instead of giving the insurance company all of the power by allowing them to “help” with your claim, trust your personal information with a group of experts that have your best interests before the insurance company’s.  While it may seem unbelievable, insurance companies do have so-called experts that are on the payroll of the company that will tell you they can help.  Due to this obvious conflict of interest, it is hard for them to provide genuine disability claim assistance.  They need to make the insurance company happy by making it easier for them to deny some insurance claims, and that claim could be yours if you are not careful.